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To order, you need to follow these steps:


You can browse our catalog of products with the following ways


Select the category you are interested at from the top menu.

Select a bundle of related products based on different customer experiences (shop by experience).

You can browse different products that are of the same design family in shop by design.



Once you land in the next page at your left you will see a menu through which you will be able to move to the product category you are interested in. You can also filter based on size and color. Of course you also have the ability to select a bundle of products that reside in a different experience or a particular design. Finally you can filter by price.


Browse through the website and when you find a product you are interested in, click on its photo. Then you will be taken to a new product-specific page.


If the product does not have sizes, colors and has not been designed for a particular gender then you can directly order it by clicking on the "ADD TO CART" button. Otherwise please select the size, color, and gender as applicable and then add the product to the cart.


When you are ready for the final purchase, select from the top right the "Proceed to checout" button. You will be taken to a new page that will display your cart with the products you have selected in the previous steps and the total amount payable.


Then depending on the way you have chosen to make your purchase you can:

a. Buy the products without signing up for our site ("Guest Checkout")

b. If you have already registered before entering your username and password to enter the website with your personal account.

c. Sign up for our website with a new personal account.


Whether you go shopping without signing up on our page or through your own account then drop down you should choose the appropriate option for "Send to your place".

After selection, a number of fields will be displayed, such as First Name, Surname, Postcode, Address etc

Then choose whether you would like to have a Retail Proof or a Billing Issue. Selecting "Invoice" will display three more fields to enter the invoice information.

Then choose the payment method from the drop down.

Finally click on the "COMPLETE ORDER" button