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You have 14 calendar days from the moment you receive your products to return them.

Products must be returned with their original packaging, and unused.

You will need to provide:
1. The return form attached to the terms & conditions page
2. The receipt notary from the courier
3. The proof of purchase receipt.

How to return products:
Return by courier / mail The recipient of the order may return the products via a courier company by registered postage of the product together with 1) the acknowledgment of receipt 2) the document issued for the sale and 3) completed, enclosed the RETURN FORM within the 14-day period at Artemidos 20 Metamorfosi, 14452 Tel No 210 6841305.
The Company does not accept packages with a payee's receipt, with the exception of defective products or the delivery of products incompatible with the order. The consignee - buyer must keep the document proving the delivery of the goods for return to the postal - transport company.

Effects of exercising the right of return
As long as the buyer exercises the right to a refund in accordance with the above conditions, he may request and receive a refund equal to the value of the returned products, including delivery costs to the buyer (excluding the additional costs due to delivery exemptions and extras). The refund will be made in the same manner as the payment and payment by the buyer, and will be done within 14 days.

Model of withdrawal form
(fill in and return this form only if you wish to withdraw from the contract)
- To [name of company, address, fax and e-mail address]:
- I hereby declare that I am withdrawing from my contract to purchase the following goods
- Ordered on ...... and received at
- Consumer name
- Consumer address
- Consumer Signature (only if this form is posted on paper)
- Date